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More than 2000 crm segments

We’ll find your individual target audience

We combine different segments and selection criteria and use these to build your digital winning campaign. Altogether, we have created over 2,000 Data Segments in order to reach your specific target audience. Simply use more option for your success!

Onsite: InShop Promotion

More spotlight on your brand

Whether through the wide reaching website or through the casual-urban styles of – On Otto Group’s Online Shops we perfectly adapt your brand and products to their respective fields. On, you’ll reach millions of active customers thereby connecting with the users who are looking for specific brands and products. You and your brand will benefit from our many years of experience in E-Commerce. Control your advertising actions on Otto Group Shops and reach your target audience in the best way possible.

Test out our Creative Concepts which we will help you setup and implement together on the platform of your choice. e.g. ABOUT YOU.

OTTO Retail Media – InShop Promotion

Onsite: SPA

More of your brand in exactly the right places

Sponsored Product Ads offer you all of the opportunities for your brand to significantly increase visibility of your products along the entirety of your customer’s journey. Benefit from advantages over your competitor through the chance of offers for first rankings in search results, targeted sales controls and a higher relevance in diverse contexts – it will always be fair and transparent.

Sponsored Product Ads
Sponsored Product Ads

Increased searchability

  • Higher visibility of your product
  • The possibility to have your offers rank first in search results, product lists
    and article specification sites

Sales Control & Transparency

  • Reach customers who are already researching your products and express
    purchasing intent
  • Optimize ROAS simply based on your findings

Greater Relevance & Fairness

  • Context-related Sponsored Products Ads that are specifically targeted to the customers
  • Only pay for clicks (CPC) on advertisements within a 2nd Price Auction

Offsite: Audience Extension

More reach thanks to more variety

Our high-quality and diverse targeting segments offers you an excellent basis for your target audience approach – you’ll be able to access over 2,000 precisely selected audiences with highly relevant retail data. And with our Option Dynamic Creative Optimization, you’ll reach your target audience with individualized real-time messaging and you can precisely adjust your campaign thanks to the comprehensive Audience Insights Reports.


  • Highly relevant retail data on shopping behaviors and granular purchasing intent data
  • Target specific groups of shoppers based on criteria such as socio-demographics and Geo-targeting

Dynamic Creative Optimization

  • Optional via Display and Video
  • Your opportunity to reach target audiences with individualized real-time messaging
  • In every advertising delivery method through a personalized and dynamic user approach
  • Full Service Package by OTTO Retail Media

Audience Insights Report

  • Comprehensive knowledge about the composition of your target audience
  • Use the gained insights to finely adjust your Audience Extension Campaign

Examples of Dynamic Creative Optimization with video



Benefit from the option to deliver your campaign over the OTTO Display Network. Be confident about the automatic creation of advertising content, continuous performance information and full cost control with just a few clicks in Self-Service.

Maximum Reach
Rollout in the biggest German online advertising spaces

Simple and fast
Automatic creation of advertising content based on defined product information

Highest level of transparency
Continuous performance information and full cost control about your campaigns

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Service: P.N.T.A.


With P.N.T.A. (Profile Environmental-Tagging) we can manage your campaigns based on profiles and target groups across different media. In this way, we enable you to address your target groups even more optimally at the right time and in the right place.

How does it work? Through our P.N.T.A. technology, we can identify user profiles in relation to a geo-based environment. Together with you, we determine the geolocations that are most suitable for your campaign. Subsequently, we can play out the appropriate advertising for the respective target group at the right location. This is already possible for Digital Out of Home (DOoH). In the future, P.N.T.A. will enable a cross-media targeting standard.

PNTA DOoH Small Bubbles En

Targeted DOoH Addressing for the nearest digital communication medium in real time

Diverse targeting options from the categories of interest, purchase, intent and socio-demographics

Dynamic or static reporting selectable

With our power, we are the relevant player for wide-range communication in the German market


Service: Checkout Premium


With Checkout Premium, you can reach OTTO customers at the moment of happiness placing their order with an exclusive offer. Acquire new customers of highest quality. With over 10 million active OTTO customers, Checkout Premium offers you exclusive space and optimal targeting options on

native design
10 million customers
Reach over 10 million active OTTO customers
(Desktop, mobile & app)
Performance-based billing on CPC auction basis
(CPL/CPO possible for selected offers)
Precise targeting of your target group
(new/existing customers, gender, age, location, etc.)
Attention-grabbing placement on the checkout page of

High level of trust thanks to native integration in familiar shopping environment

Service: Reporting & Cooperations

More Service and Partners for you

We know our customers exactly, address them specifically and offer our partnerships the appropriate communication channels for each product.

Take advantage of the various service options and refine your campaign by:

  • Creation of integrated campaign concepts
  • Meaningful and individualized campaign reports and their analyses and the derived recommendations of action
  • Creation and dynamization of advertising content
OTTO Retail Media Event-Kooperationen
OTTO Post Adressen
OTTO Gutscheine

Exclusive partnership events:
With ABOUT YOU for direct access to your target audience – on site at the event, through high-reaching influencers on social media networks or online at Stage your brand with individualized out-of-the-box concepts and create highlight integrations at lifestyle events like the ABOUT YOU awards, festivals, concerts and fashion shows.

OTTO’s mailing distribution:
The roughly 20 million customers are interesting in every aspect: They are familiar with mail-order, experienced in the handling of multi-channel marketing and they love shopping from home. Furthermore, they are extremely interested in new products and the latest deals.

OTTO Gift Card:
OTTO Gift Card for your employees and/or customers. Everyone has different ideas about an appealing gift and you’ll hardly find one that every customer, employee or business partner will like equally. On, everyone will find something they’re looking for with the wide range of products available.

Highest Precision

OS Data Solutions

As one of Germany’s largest data pools, OS Data Solutions combines the digital reach of Ströer with qualitative intent and purchasing data of the Otto Group.

This makes us one of the largest data alliances in Germany and enables us to offer our customers the maximum precision in targeting relevant achievements.